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Whoa that's a big flower!

I have begun work on a larger canvas size. 36"x48" to be exact. That's pretty big for me. Another first. When I start a project I have to be a little bit in love with the subject or the color I am focusing on. Continuing on with my floral theme and loving the delicacy and intricacy of the Iris I sketched a section of a gorgeously bright flower. After discussing with my art teachers, Joanne and Bruce, I decided to go with Acrylic paints as my medium. Having just finished an Iris in oil I was nervous about getting the colors blended as delicately as I was able to accomplish with oil paints. It is all part of that hesitation most artists feel (or is it just me?!) before the first stroke of the brush disturbs that clean canvas or any blank slate I imagine!

I've started off slowly, blocking in the background until I feel the next few steps automatically happening without much conscious decision. Somehow it just works. The thing is, I've now decided it is really fun just doing this with a pallette knife. Okay, this large canvas thing isn't so scary, it is actually kind of exciting! Using a pallette knife is helping me to loosen up. I kinda like it! I get back into the studio on Tuesday, hopefully I am still feeling the fun factor. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I will work at it until I am 90% happy with it. Lets face it, who is ever 100% satisfied or finished with their work?



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