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Artist Statement

 I remember the first time I tried painting with watercolor. I watched how the paint would flow together to create something all on its own. I could add just a bit of pigment and see it swirl together. Sometimes I made mud but I knew painting was what I had to do. I love to watch what evolves on the paper or canvas. For me it is witnessing something exciting and being the only one to see it happen. It reminds me of seeing a musical performed live, being in the audience, there is something special to that. You were there, you witnessed it!

This has been true of my love of astro photography as well. I believe photographing the night sky is special. It isn't easy and takes practice but it rewards you! You can witness and even capture some amazing events - because you were there, you looked up.

These practices feed into the way I paint. It is intuitive and flowing. I observe. I see what develops and what can happen when a new color or element is added (or subtracted!) from the canvas. It is being a witness to something exciting.

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